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Fact Sheet


Beveled Edge Studios

CEO: Alex Gierczyk

Based in Houston, TX

Press/Business Contact:
[email protected]

Release Date:
November 3rd

iOS, Android, Windows Phone (soon)

HTML5, Windows, Mac OSX




Free, No IAPs


Frenetic and stylish, Starific is an endless arcade reactor where you set off dangerous chain reactions and catch awesome powerups to keep your stellar hopes alive.

Starific’s gameplay isn’t like anything else.  If you had to nail it down it would be as if Geometry Wars, Breakout and Bomberman had a 3-way love child.


  • Procedurally generated so every game is different yet finely tuned.
  • Dozens of powerups that synergize for emergent gameplay.
  • Includes 4 Modes for both action and cerebral play styles.
  • Customizable difficulty, board size, controls and themes.
  • An ever growing list of unlockable content (currently 80+ themes, modes, and settings).
  • Metagame quest system to reward users and unlock content.
  • Beautiful minimalist graphics and 2 hours of bass pumping electronic music.
  • Innovative radial control scheme, unlike anything seen before.
  • Includes 16 leaderboards and dozens of stats and achievements.
  • FREE, no IAPs and optional video ads.


For more information on how Alex developed Starific and taught himself to program in a year please visit: