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How I Scored 1000 Beta Users In a Day

Edit: Skip to the section titled “I Thought This Was About User Acquisition” if that’s all you want to know about.  Everywhere else I’m just speaking my mind 🙂 How I Scored 1000 Beta Users In a Day Without Paying As a 1-man Indie Mobile Game Lots of talk about the indie apocalypse.  You’ll see […]

HTML5 Mouse Extension for GML Devs

Game Maker: Studio is a fantastic cross platform framework, especially if you’re getting your feet wet.  But you’ll encounter some quirks and limitations on the HTML5 module.  Notably, you can’t detect mouse position or button presses outside the canvas. Don’t worry, Alex has your back.  I’ve searched the internet far and wide and have coded/compiled an […]

The Making of Starific

Starific History   Revolutions are being written one line of code at time.  Eighteen year olds can build the next billion dollar enterprise from their dorm room.  Nearly every waking moment we have is occupied by some zeroes and ones somebody else compiled.  Why wouldn’t you want to learn code?  That was my thinking. July […]

On Consciousness

I was asked the following question in an email: What are your thoughts on the collective consciousness? Because I am sort of, of the belief that nothing is created just discovered. So nothing is really learned so much as remembered… I dunno, seems to account for people having both a knack for something or like […]


The following is a post I wrote years back for /r/theredpill after dropping out of school.  It seemed wasted on my HDD, so I’m hosting it here. “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members.” -Emerson From a young age we are socially conditioned into paths, interests and personalities.  You are this, […]